A winter family session in Chelsea

Chelsea Family Photographer

Burton Court in Chelsea


A summer family session in Chelsea

A summer Chelsea Family Photography Session

One of the very best things about making family photos with the same families year after year is seeing their families growing up and blossoming. The last time I spent time with this Chelsea family their little boy was just starting to walk for himself, and here we are a year later and he's running around with his sister and she's showing him all her favourite hiding places in Cadogan Place Park, just around the corner from their Chelsea home.

But also, their baby sister who was just a newborn the last time I saw her is now grabbing fingers and melting hearts with those gorgeous blue eyes.

This time we started with a few posey ones on the sofa at home before we headed out. I'll never make you all pose for a photo because let's face it, nobody really enjoys posing for a family pic, least of all the kids. But big sister was very happy to have her brother and sister with her and was all smiles, and I'm so glad we caught that. Although, on balance little brother definitely preferred the book he's been reading, and I can totally relate to that.

Here's some of my favourites from their Chelsea family photography session. If you'd like me to capture real memories of your own family hanging out together for your family album, just get in touch and we'll find a good time to have a wee chat on the phone and take it from there.




An summer family session in Hyde Park

Hyde Park Family Photography Session

Hyde Park is a gorgeous location for a photo session, especially for a family with young kids. There's so much space to run around, so many different wooded glades to play hide-and-seek or find pixies (we did a lot of that on this session!), and it's just as gorgeous in the autumn as it is in spring or summer.

For this session we arrived bright and early, around 7:30am just as the city is beginning to make their way to work, the sun is still low in the sky, and the grass is still wet with dew. Beautiful light, and all that open space almost entirely to yourselves, it's a great time to make some fun photos with the kids.

There wasn't any great 'plan' here, we just rocked up, and went for a walk - well, mum and dad went for a walk, and the kids hurtled all over the place chasing, and racing, and doing plenty of pixie-hunting. The Hyde Park pixies look after the park at night, and are friends with all the animals - but don't worry if you never see any, because they're magical and very good at hiding - although if you're very quiet you might be able to hear them sleeping... True fact!

Here's some of my favourites from this Hyde Park family session. If you like my style and want to capture your own family memories in and around London - or anywhere that's special to you - just get in touch and we'll set up a good time to have a chat.