Step One

Scheduling your session

In order to reserve a date with me you’ll fill in some paperwork and pay a session fee, starting at £225 (all quoted prices include VAT at 20%). Then, if we haven’t already, the easiest way to compare calendars is for you to email or call me with a few dates that work for your family. I always try to be as flexible as possible, and once we find a date the booking forms are all online and just take a few minutes.

Just before we compare calendars, here are a few things to consider:

• Weekend & bank holiday dates are very popular but very limited so they incur an extra £60 charge, and from April to September they’re only available to book up to two calendar months in advance. If you work 9-5 / M-F then scheduling early in the morning or late in the afternoon can help fit a weekday session in with hardly any work disruption.

• Babies and young children seem to be at their best first thing in the morning, which also happens to be a great time of day for beautiful light.

• If you have older children or one of those rare babies that doesn’t do mornings, an alternative for great light is late afternoon/early evening, usually around 1.5 hours before sunset.

• Believe it or not, bright sun and blue skies from late morning to early afternoon offers the least flattering light, with heavy shadows under your eyes and nose. So unless the forecast is for overcast skies it’s best to avoid outdoor sessions at that time of day, especially in summer.

• We can make beautiful photos in almost any weather, but I do understand there’s some obvious downsides to being photographed in the pouring rain or freezing cold. I do reschedule sessions for inclement weather, but I’m also happy to use your home if sticking to the schedule is a priority. Rooms with plenty of natural light work great.

• Finally if there’s a particular date or holiday you need prints or gifts by (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc.), be sure to book a session at least one month in advance of that date to ensure sufficient processing and printing time.

Step Two

The session itself

A few days before our session is scheduled I’ll reach out to confirm our time and location, and it’s the perfect time to ask any last-minute questions or let me know if you’ve come up with a fun idea we haven’t discussed – I’m always happy to set up time for a wee pre-shoot chat. Also at that point if the forecast is questionable or someone seems to be coming down with the lurgy we can talk about our rescheduling options.

Sessions are normally around 60 to 90 minutes, but it’s best to keep around 2 to 2.5 hours available just in case of an interruption, a wardrobe malfunction, or a mini meltdown! And if a parent has to leave for an important meeting but the rest of the family is still available, that’s fine, just let me know ahead of time so I can include that parent a bit more while they’re still around.

Finally, take a breath, relax, and have fun with it. I’ll do my best to fit in around you and make it as painless as possible for everyone involved. And for your part, there’s no need to fuss about the kids outfits, to arrange perfect poses, or to pry favourite toys from their grasp – it’ll all end in tears! And I’m never looking for ‘perfect’ – real life is messy, and that’s the beauty of the photos we’re going to make!

Step Three

The best bit!

Within a couple of weeks of your session you’ll get an email from me letting you know that your photos are ready! Once you’ve had a chance to enjoy a slideshow presentation (and marvel for a bit), you’ll let me know which collection you want to purchase simply by choosing and paying for it right inside your gallery.

After that, you’ll have a full month to select the specific digital files and print items you want to use to fill that collection – all your choice, absolutely no right or wrong answers here! Personally I just love an album, but if you’re more into prints and frames there’s something for you – you can even make your own greetings cards and calendars.

Collection A


• Download your choice of FIFTEEN high-resolution digital files, with unlimited personal printing rights

£60 credit to spend on your choice of print products from the gallery

30 days of online gallery hosting

Collection B


raynes park family photographer

• Download your choice of THIRTY high-resolution digital files, with unlimited personal printing rights

£180 credit to spend on your choice of print products from the gallery

30 days of online gallery hosting

Collection C


• Download THE FULL GALLERY as high-resolution digital files – usually at least 40-50 images – with unlimited personal printing rights.

£360 credit to spend on your choice of print products from the gallery

Download the slideshow in HD, to own forever.

30 days of online gallery hosting

What can you spend your credit on?

What you’ll do with all your new images is really the most important and exciting thing to consider! Seeing your photographs hanging on your wall every day, and flipping through the pages of an album by yourself or surrounded by family, all makes those family memories real in a way digital just can’t match. So I include a substantial print credit with every collection, and here’s some of the most popular items you can put your credit towards – you’re not limited by your credit amount.

Heirloom Albums

Handcrafted in Yorkshire using the finest materials and ink, with lay-flat pages bound in linen, leather, or silk. A true family heirloom, to hand down for generations to come. Prices below include 10 spreads (20 pages).

12×12 | £840
10×10 | £720
8×8 | £650
Extra spreads | £24/each

Leatherette Photobooks

A low-cost alternative to my handmade Heirloom albums, these lay-flat coffee-table books feature smooth fine art paper pages and an engraved leatherette cover. Price includes 10-spread (20-page) custom design with your favourite photos, and UK courier delivery.

10×10 | £375
8×8 | £325
Extra spreads | £12/each

Canvas Wraps

These fine art canvas wraps are printed directly onto museum-quality canvas using archival ink. A sleek natural wrap creates beautiful image continuity, adding dimension to your photo. This canvas arrives ready to hang with black paper backing, sawtooth hangers, and bumpers.

Available in a range of sizes, starting at around £100.

Framed Prints

Your image is printed with a lustre finish, framed in a wooden box-style frame with an ultra clear front acrylic, permanently sealed with backing paper. These beautiful frames are carefully pre-assembled by hand and arrive ready to be displayed, with hanging hardware included.

Available in a range of options, starting at around £100.

Loose lab prints

The simplest way to enjoy your images in print, these loose prints are made by a professional-only lab using Fuji Professional photo paper with a semi-gloss finish, for the highest quality and long-lasting print. These prints won’t curl or fade like most cheap prints from internet and high street labs, and look as good in an existing frame as they do stuck to your fridge.

Available in a range of sizes, starting at around £5 each.

"Can we just get digitals without print credit?"

All my collections include a mixture of digital files, and print credit. I do understand there’s an expectation that you’ll get a bunch of digitals, job done, and I appreciate that’s largely to do with the ubiquity of digital photography these days – we all have thousands of digital photos on our phones, after all.

But where do those photos go after we’ve taken them and maybe shared them on social media? They typically are filed away in a folder and may never be seen again!

I love making family photographs for people who’ll treasure them for generations to come, and I really genuinely think you’ll have a much better experience when you can hold these cherished images in your hands and really connect with them.

What happens next?

If this all sounds good, and you’re ready to look at dates, excellent! Drop me a line and we can compare calendars by email or over the phone. Speak to you soon.

Let's do this