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Here's how.

The best photos in my mum’s albums are always the ‘real’ ones where nobody’s posing, they’re just being themselves. They probably didn’t feel like special moments at the time, but now they’re the most cherished photos I’ve got, memories I didn’t realise I’d forgotten.

They’re the photos I cherish, so that’s what I make: photos of real moments, real memories, that you’ll cherish forever.

For over a decade now I’ve been making natural, authentic photos my clients absolutely love, and my process is simple and stress-free. I’m here to help from the moment you pick up the phone right through to the big day when your prints arrive, and most families come back year after year to capture new memories with me.

How it works

First: schedule a call

Love my work? Let’s have a chat! I love to get on the phone for a chat, I think it’s the easiest, fastest way to walk you through how it all works and let you ask me any questions. There’s no pressure to book either, so if it all sounds great just get back to me and we’ll set it up. There’s a quick online booking form and a session fee of £195 (£245 on weekends and bank holidays) which covers the photography and a gallery of edited pics to choose from, then it’s all booked in.

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London family photography

Then: enjoy the session

You and your family hanging out, being you, that’s all there is to it. From walks in the park to baking at home, whatever feels natural, with no cheesy posing required – those are the photos you’ll really love years later. Sessions last 60-90 minutes, with a gallery of 50+ edited images to fall in love with afterwards.

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Albums, prints & digitals

Finally: love your new images.

The photos we enjoy most often are the ones we print. Choose a collection that’s right for you, starting at £299 including digitals plus gallery store credit to spend on beautiful albums, perfect prints, and gorgeous wall art. I reckon you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous new family album, but it’s yours to spend on whatever you like.

How it works

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

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